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Thread: Lake Pleasant 5-9 July?

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    Lake Pleasant 5-9 July?

    Hi, all....

    I will be on vacation late next week (from the 4th on). Anyone up for some dives @ Lake Pleasant during that time (weekdays or weekend)? Let me know.


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    Adam, I can do a couple of dives that week. Let me know what profiles you are looking to do.


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    Hi, Scott....

    Long time no talk. Just about any profile is good for me. Just looking to get my gills wet Last time diving in the lake was back in March (!!!??). What kind of dive profiles do you usually like to do?


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    Looks like I made some time on Friday morning if that works. Let me know.

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    Sorry, Bronco....

    By the time you posted that, I was already on vacation and out of the office, so I missed it. Never did get out during my vaca week... too many things going on here. Thinking about heading out and catching LP Scuba's boat on Saturday. You up for it?


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    Sorry, my July is completely booked. And none of it is near the water.

    With the monsoon storms active right now, I'm not sure I want to spend any time on a boat at any of the local lakes.
    When things calm down (schedule and weather) I'm still game.

    No worries about last weekend. I had plenty to keep me busy.


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