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Thread: Lake Pleasant

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    Hi, all.....

    Anyone up for some dives at Pleasant this Saturday (May 20th)? I may already have something set up, but its not a sure thing. Just trying to come up with a back-up plan. Let me know.


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    I'm over the allergies but have a funeral this weekend. Keep trying.

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    Hi, all....

    Looking to do some shore dives at Lake Pleasant on Saturday, April 14th. Anyone up for it (or even several anyones... could dive in a trio or buddy teams)? Respond to this message or email me at: Thanks.


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    The silence is deafening...

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    Hi Adam, You are right, very quiet. Is the board dead?

    I am flying out 4/30/18 and flying home 5/11/18. I have booked two mornings on the boat with LP on 5/5 & 5/6. Beyond that, I can do any weekday but the 7th or the 10th in this time frame.

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    I emailed you about diving while you are here. This board has been pretty quiet for a while.



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