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    Hey everyone. Just learned of this site and looking forward to joining the community. I love diving. If anyone is looking to go out and blow some bubbles at Lake Pleasant, send me a message. I would like to try and get out there at least once a month.

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    If you haven't noticed, it is a bit quiet around here. Not sure where everyone is hiding at this year. feel free to post a day you want to go out (and where), you can still find people looking for a reason to get out.

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    It has been very quiet around here.

    jkman, almost any weekend out at the lake, you will find plenty of divers that are more than willing to take in new dive buddies.

    What are your current qualifications? I will be out at the lake both days next weekend (8/27 & 8/28) doing a class. You are more than welcome to come along. We will be doing shallow stuff on Saturday and heading a bit deeper on Sunday.


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