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Thread: Arizona Guidelines?

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    Arizona Guidelines?

    What are the rules or guidelines for spearfishing in Arizona?
    Do any shops have classes or training and do you need a license?


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    ScubaBob you will find that Frankie at the Phoenix dive shop Scuba Specialties is the most active when it comes to spear fishing and "Free Diving" You can visit with him at his Scuba Shop near 41st Ave and Bell Road. Good luck and happy seems like fishing and you might catch a fish don't come up with out a fishing license in Arizona but Please, please do resurface.

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    Some of the guys I know who do spear fish learned from scuba specialties with frankie. I was told they can only spear karp and striped bass since they are not indiginous to the lake but they can spear wearing scuba gear as long as they have a license


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