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Thread: First treasure

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    There where no mussels on the 5 dollar bill I found last week

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    That is a great reminder Chad. They dry out fast in the summer and are easy to brush off into the trash...but i do try to scape them off before taking them home. Besides they stink!

    cool on finding the 5 dollar bill..i have found a few ones and a wallet i returned to someone in the past. Last week we found several CDs by the christmas tree reef..we just left them there. It was like someone lost their entire cd collection off the boat into the water.

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    I always take my snorkel and mask if we camp near a body of water that's clear enough. I have found all kinds of bottles, cans, and trinkets. Lots of tools, too.
    The strangest find was a 2' rubber "adult novelty" out at Catalina, near Avalon harbor. THAT found a new home in a friends dingy...


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