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Boat dives at Lake Pleasant

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Hi everyone!
My friend and instructor Tony Amoral is taking the Diver Down out on July 12. It's a pantoon boat. He charges $49 (8am-12pm) without tanks and weights. Tony used to be w El Mar but now he is an instructor for Ultimate Dive Travel. You can RSVP at tamaral@grounderdiving.com
See you down below,

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  1. Bubbles Below's Avatar
    Captain Tony Armaral is chartering the Diver Down on a monthly basis for $49. You must bring your own tanks/weights. He provides fruits, homemade cookies, and water for SI. If they scheduled a three tank dives, their bringing a grill on board. If interested here is the email and schedules for the 2tanks: tamaral@gounderdiving.com and dive schedules at the moments are Aug 22, Sep 26,Oct 11,Nov 21, and Dec13. I don't work free any shop, I just like to dive for fun. Be safe and have fun!
  2. Kevin's Avatar
    I have been waiting for your follow up to the last trip out. Where on the lake did you go ? how was the Viz. ? How many folks went ? How many can he handle on the boat per trip ? ect...... Sounds like something my son and our newly certifiied wives might like to try !