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    Located 45 minutes north of Yuma, Lake Martinez is a great place to fish, boat, hike, water ski, trail run or just sitting back and relaxing. Created by the Imperial Dam, the lake offers excellent Bass fishing.
    Upper Lake Mary is about 12 miles southeast of Flagstaff in a heavy forested area in the Morman Lake District of the Coconino National Forest. It is a beautiful sky blue lake surrounded by Ponderosa Pines and meadows with views of the San Francisco Peaks.
    Known for Rainbow Trout, Sunfish, Catfish and Channel, Lake Mary (lower) is one of the closest major lakes to the Flagstaff Arizona area. Dependant on local rainfall, the size of the lake can very greatly from year to year. Boat use is limited to 8 horsepower.
    Lake Mead was created by the building of Hoover Dam which has a storied history of sacrifices made by the men, women and families that were involved with the dam's construction.
    Lake Mohave was created with the building of Davis Dam on the Colorado River on the border between Arizona and Nevada. The lake is relatively "skinny" with its widest point being only about 4 miles wide but is 67 miles long with over 200 miles of shoreline.
    Lake Pleasant is the largest lake in the Greater Phoenix area located about 30 miles north of Phoenix within the city limits of Peoria, a Phoenix suburb. The lake features over 50 miles of shoreline with 10,000 acres of crystal clear water fed primarily from the Agua Fria River. .
    Lake Powell is the second-largest man-made lake in the United States with almost 2,000 miles of shoreline which is more than the combined coastline of the Pacific Coast states.
    Luna Lake is the eastern most lake in the White Mountains of Arizona. Just 3 miles east of Alpine, Arizona, it is simply beautiful here surrounded by thick forests and the Luna Lake Wildlife Area.
    With over 1,500 acres of water surface, Lyman Lake is the largest lake in the Arizona White Mountains area. If you're a boating enthusuiast and enjoy fishing, this is an ideal lake environment
    This 55-acre lake quietly sets amidst tall pines in the cool Bradshaw Mountains high country just a few miles southeast of Prescott, Arizona. Lynx Lake is a relatively small lake, yet it draws over 125,000 visitors annually.
    Mormon Lake, 29 miles southeast of Flagstaff Arizona is the largest natural lake in Arizona. Often during severe droughts, the lake recedes and sometimes even completely dries up.
    Patagonia Lake is a beautiful lake nestled in the hills near Nogales, south of Tucson and is the centerpiece of Patagonia Lake State Park. It is conveniently located near a number of top Arizona attractions, including Kartchner Caverns and Tombstone, Arizona. The lake spans over 250 acres and is 2-1/2 miles long.
    With a managed season from April to November, Reservation Lake is an excellent Brown Trout fishing lake high in Arizona's majestic White mountains. Reservation Lake is located 19 miles south of Arizona 260 using Arizona 273.
    Mormon settlers created Rainbow Lake in 1903 by damming Walnut Creek which spawned the town of Lakeside, Arizona. The land surrounding the lake is privately owned limiting public access to a small parcel of land next to the dam. The lake is open to the public at that spot.
    The Salt River once flowed freely from the higher elevations around Phoenix as it ultimately made its way to the Valley of the Sun Greater Phoenix area. Roosevelt Lake was created in 1911 with the completion of the Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River.
    Saguaro Lake, created by the Stewart Mountain Dam, is located just 40 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix and even closer to Scottsdale and Mesa, suburbs of Phoenix.

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