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    By Scott Cadreau

    There is something alluring about going deeper. For some it is just achieving a certain number, some
    want to see a wreck and others are just curious as to the change in life at depth. There are many
    reasons for doing a deep dive and many reasons to not do them.

    Recreational level deep dives consist of dives between 60’ and 130’ within the no decompression limits.

    Once you decide to do deeper dives, there are things to consider and extra precautions to take. Your
    basic dive skills should be completely dialed in. ...
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    PELAGIC MAGIC: Diving in the Middle of Nowhere

    Story and photos by Marty Snyderman

    When it comes to careers in diving, I think I have been as fortunate as anyone who has ever donned a set of mask, fins and snorkel.

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    What is visibility?

    Illuminating facts about an unclear situation

    By Robert N. Rossier

    What’s the difference between a great dive and a mediocre dive? In most cases, it’s a matter of feet — not in terms of depth, but underwater visibility.

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    Off the Wall:

    The Thrill of Wall Diving

    By Lynn Laymon

    When you are referred to as being off the wall, it doesn’t necessarily carry positive connotations. But to scuba divers who have descended over the sheer vertical facades that surround the world’s landmasses — from the largest continents to the tiniest islands — being off the wall is a sensation like no other. My first off-the-wall experience was one I’ll hold dear forever.

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    How Did We Get Here?

    A Short History of Diver Travining

    By Alex Brylske

    Just for a moment, indulge me and take a short two-part quiz. Can you recite Dalton’s law of partial pressures, or explain the significance of the equation P1V1=P2V2? Probably not. But if you’re one of the minority who can answer either or both questions, I’ll wager that you’ve taken a technical diving course or that you’re a dive professional.

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    dive medicine

    Smoking and Diving

    A Bad Combination

    By Paul S. Auerbach, M.D.

    When I was a medical student at Duke University, we all observed the wards full of heavy smokers with lung cancer, heart problems and peripheral vascular disease, and it was fairly well-known that their nicotine habit was a big contributor. However, none of us said very much, because Durham was a tobacco town, and many of the doctors smoked. As a new doctor in the early 1980s, I became pretty vocal about the hazards of smoking, but that wasn’t cool at a time when everyone was into personal choice and tolerating the behavior of others, so I had to learn to keep my opinions to myself.