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Thread: Lake Pleasant Dive Conditions

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    Has anyone posted pics diving the lake?

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    I have several of diving the lake but need to learn how to upload them on this site to share them. I will see if I can figure it out. i just have a simple point and shoot no strobes or filters but it works.

    Okay I think I figured it out and I will add more photos when I get more time.
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    Same here. I would like to do some video with my GoPro for lake Pleasant, but will have to figure out how to upload video on here.

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    Today the lake was at 57% full. Water temps were 59 surface and 56 at 50 feet. Vis was 5 to 10 feet and at 45 it went to 6 inches. We were at Beismeyer (christmas tree reef) the trees start right at 20 with most at 35 feet. I was amazed how many survived being exposed out of the water when the lake dropped down so low this summer. I did see a couple of large stripped bass and carp. I know winter diving is here since outside temp was 45 and the water was warmer! We even had patches of snow all over when we first got to the lake!

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    I went Saturday to spring canyon and found the upside-down boat. I was wearing an 8mm semi-dry and my brother was wearing a 7mm and we were both fine. The viz in that area was about 15 feet. I shot some video of the boat, posted here:

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    That was great thanks for sharing the video.

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    George, glad you enjoyed it. Happy birthday!

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    Johnny, that was a nice video of the boat.

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    That is a funny place to keep a boat...take us out on it soon Johnny. I have never came up on it before. Nice to see a video of it. Thanks.


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