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Thread: Lake Pleasant Dive Conditions

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    I will be at besimier point tomorrow around 8am for a couple dives if you want to tag along. I can give you a rundown of the different sites I'm familiar with.

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    Sounds good. Where is besimier point?

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    Directions to Beismeyer Point. There are no signs that identify it as Beismeyer Pt. From Hwy 17 go West on Carefree Hwy #74. DO NOT turn in to Lake Pleasant "Harbor" on 87th - keep going West. From Hwy #74 turn right on Castle Hot Springs Road. Then, turn right on Lake Pleasant Access Road. Go thru the pay station ($6.00). Turn right on South Park Road. Go about 1.2 miles. Keep your eyes open for the turn out on the left to Sunset Ridge (small paved road, and easy to miss). Follow the paved road around to the Stop Sign. Turn left. Follow the road down to the water.

    I'll be there on Saturday working with some students. Stop and say hello. I have a white Ford F150 4-door with a black bed cover.

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    Thank you for the description. Add that with google maps and I figured out right where to be.

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    Most of the Bass have spawn however Ive been seeing some still staging for their spawn... The conditions out at Beismeyer have been ok Ive been out there the past 2 weekends the visibility has deteriorated a bit its a solid 20ft but has some patches where you may get 25-30. Down in the channel east of the road the viz gets a little foggy all the way down to 95ft plenty of ambient light but foggy. The road down to the Christmas trees is very foggy as well and the trees and all the ornaments are in the 60ft range. Temps are still in the upper 50's at 57* at depth, you can get 62* to 64* at the surface but 30ft and below expect upper 50"s. As far as fish go they are out and about lots of Catfish 2-3 foot in length Flatheads and Channel, lots of Largemouth Bass biggest was maybe 2+lbs , Carp are all over and I have even come across lots of Crappie feeding in the grassy areas in about the 30ft range. I say get out and Dive and enjoy all the fish in their natural habitat..

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    Did a dive today at VP. Vis was hit or miss depending on the depth. Tried out a new light a guy on ScubaBoard makes. Good light, comparable to the DRIS 1K but with much longer burn time on rechargeables.

    Temp is 64 on surface, 54 at depth. Vis about 20' give or take. 83% full, still bottoming out at 145'.

    Here's a video:
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    Vista Point 4/24/14 - Surface temp 64. Visibility up to 20-25ft when more shallow than 30feet. Bad vis (<10ft) in the thermocline area at 30-40ft depth. Below thermocline, vis was 15-20ft and dark at depth 80-85ft, temp 58.

    Lots of fish in shallow 15-20ft range. Bass, channel cats, flathead cats, sunfish, bluegill, and carp. Many bass hovering over nests, did see a hatch today with hundreds of bass fry (0.5cm length) being protected by a mama bass. Very cool. Spent tons of time in this range roaming all over VP as bunches of fish to see.

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    Dove off VP today. The vis wasn't bad until I got down to about 120, from there to 140 was pea soup, less than 5' vis. Sucked, and make my valve drill more interesting.

    Surface temp was 63 and it was still in the 50s at depth. Lots of little fish swimming around. The vis is starting to decline, summer algae will be here before you know it.

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    Anyone up for the 24th?

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    Or the 25th or 26th? Pretty much have the whole holiday weekend off. Anyone interested in hitting up Lake Pleasant let me know.


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