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Thread: Lake Pleasant, 06 JUN 2014

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    Lake Pleasant, 06 JUN 2014

    Hi, all....

    Anyone up for diving the lake on Friday, 06 JUN? Let me know.


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    What profiles(depths and times) and how many dives do you plan on doing?


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    Can't do Friday. But Saturday or Sunday are open. If that is an option for you.

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    Nothing TOO extreme. Just a nice easy dive day. Between 3 and 6 dives to about 65 ft.


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    Unfortunately, I am not available on Saturday or Sunday this week. Maybe on another weekend, though?


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    Sounds good. I usually have weekends off. I can usually make things work with a few days notice.

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    Hey guys.....

    Anyone for diving Pleasant on Sat. 19 JUL? Drop me a line!!


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    Very possible
    PM sent

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    I will be up there Saturday and Sunday with an open water class
    Alexi Candelario
    NAUI IT 46961

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    Hi, Alex.....

    Good to hear from you. I have received a response from someone else also. Maybe we can go later in the summer? Good luck with that OW class.



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