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Thread: Tons of Gear For Sale

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    Tons of Gear For Sale


    Tons of Sidemount Gear for sale. (I posted my story over in the Newbie Section)

    I'm an engineer and got in to sidemount. I researched and researched and spent a lot of time putting this stuff together and it is killing me to have to sell. Most of this stuff has less than 20 dives on it (unless noted) and shows as new.

    Hopefully someone can put this great stuff to use as I can't dive any longer due to an overexpansion injury.

    I'm realistic on the prices so make me an offer. Please be realistic with your prices as well. I think you will be suprised as I really want this gear to go to someone who will use it...

    Hollis SMS 100 - Includes all the goodies like the tank bands and chokers. I added an extension to the LP inflator hose which really cleans up the rig. Also includes 4 weigh pockets and additional waist rings for sidemount.

    Ocanic BioFlex Tri-Lam Dry Suit. Size 11 boots. Full Insulated undergarment included as well as storage / carry bag. I'm 6'2" and 180 lbs. Suit size is large. I added thigh pockets and they are the expedition style with the rings inside them to clip gear to. The pockets fold flat and are large enough to store two masks in each pocket.

    Halcyon Drysuit Gaiters - Helped me eliminate ankle weights (gaiters plus the Jet fins... )

    Scubapro Jet Fins with spring straps

    Scubapro Twin Jet Fins

    Apeks XTX100 with 7' Miflex hose and HOG SPG on 6" hose

    Scubapro S600 with 5' Miflex hose and HOG SPG on 6" hose

    Oceanic Calypso with 14 cf bail out bottle.

    7' Regulator hose

    5' Regulator hose

    300' reel (never used)

    150' reel (never used)

    30' finger spool

    Halcyon SMB / Lift bag with LP inflator and Dump Valve

    Faber 51 cf LP Steel tanks with 200 bar din-k valves

    Suunto wrist compass (the good one with tilt capability)

    A bunch of Soft Weights (about 60 lbs) - Have a pair of 1.5 lb ankle weights too...

    2 Dive Rite Weight Pockets

    That's all I can remember currently, PM me if you are looking for something in particular as I may have it.
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    Hey guys good morning.

    All the gear (except drysuit) was sold last weekend to a Phoenix diver. (Keep an eye out and you might see him at Pleasant)

    If you need a drysuit, don't hesitate to let me know!

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    Glad you found a home for your gear...I would love to get into sidemount someday but finances and time are not there quite yet. I will spread the word about your drysuit i know a few guys wanting one.

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    Sidemount is a kick in the pants! Definitely enjoyed it. Thanks for spreading the word on the dry suit!

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