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Thread: Lake PLeasant Boat diving Sites

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    Lake PLeasant Boat diving Sites

    Hello Folks,

    I purchased a 20' pontoon boat recently and am planning to use it to dive from. I was wondering if anyone has put together a list of spots to dive on. In addition if anyone familiar with different spots would care to point them out and get in some dives.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I haven't had a chance to boat dive Lake Pleasant but I know that with a boat you can hit a few spots that I've seen posted on the web (

    Have fun and dive safe.

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    Lp boat diving sites

    The quality of sites will change dramatically based on water level. Stick within coves that are relatively open to the main body of the lake where the water moves as this is where the visibility is usually the best. However, be careful of areas in the middle of the original river channel as there are numerous entaglements (mainly trees). The best part of having a boat is being able to discover you own sites, however, there are a few areas I like to frequent. The 1702 wall is a great dive when the water is up, the cliff areas on the N.W. part of the aqua fria arm also make for some good wall dives. There is some nice structure and usually good viz around the barker islands, jack ass cove also has a lot of varied structure, and with a boat you can technically dive scorpion bay. When the water is lower, you have good access to the original dam and a couple of islands with some good vertical structure in the main channel. The problem with these sites is the amount of boat traffic and getting a good anchor hold. You need to have some competent boat support top side. Personally, I don't recommend these areas on weekends as there are too many knuckleheads.

    Boat diving is great but make sure sure you have lots of anchors and good shore support with someone that has boating experience. Dive early during the summer months and try to be off the water before the party crowd shows up. Unless your 20' toon has oversized logs you can overload it real quick (especially when drysuit diving). I have submarined mine more than once with just 4 divers and gear in rough water. Distribute your load and get tank racks. Have fun and be safe.


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