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Thread: what to wear?

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    what to wear?

    Im trying to get a few of my friends new divers to go up to pleasant. what is the water temp and vis look like how much wetsuit should we bring? and is there anyone that dives on the weekends would like to meet up with some people who know the area. we are in Tucson.

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    The thermocline is at 32 feet or so and there is probably another one past 50. I would certainly wear a 7mm with hood and gloves. If you are going shallow, no more then 30 feet or or so you could get away with no hood or gloves. What time are you looking to come up to the lake? We always dive on Thursday afternoon and evening.

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    Until you hit the first thermocline a 3mm full suit would be comfortable but slip into or below that layer and you'll need more protection.
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    I will try to get them to come up on a thursday. hopefully we will see u in the new few weeks. thanks

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    Was just up there today in Two Cow, vis is 15ft or so until you drop to about 30, then it's silt city (not sure if the other divers were aiding this or not). That's just the one cove though, not sure what Desert Tortoise or Vista is like. Temps are exactly as described, 78-80ish until you hit the thermocline at 32-34ft, then you wake up quick!

    I might hit up some other sites during the week as well, if so I'll update. Should be out there this weekend too if you'd like to head up. Might be a good chance to sneak a specialty or AOW dive in if you go through the same Tucson LDS as me, as I believe they're holding an OW class this weekend.

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    I'd welcome the chance to dive Lake Pleasant with some Tucson folk. I'd be wearing tech gear (drysuit/doubles) by diving rec limits (AOW or OW). I mostly want to get some more practice in doubles, but the gear shouldn't impact the folks I'm diving with (unless I pass out in the heat donning the drysuit). I have availability both weekdays and weekends for a day trip. I have never been in the lake though and know nothing about it, so would also like to go with someone who knows the place.

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    psychodiver let me know when you want to go up maybe we can carpool up and meet with some of the phx ppl.


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