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Thread: Where to go?

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    Where to go?

    My husband and I got our certification last year while we were in Hawaii. We want to go on another trip but I am really anti lakes and cold water, I know you all think I'm a baby, sorry. I was wondering where you would suggest we go? I am thinking Mexico but we are a bit nervous about the border and we don't know much about deeper into Mexico where we could fly into. Anyone have any good suggestions about where to go for least expensive but still have warm water? Also we met a couple who suggested going on a cruise and doing the scuba tours with them to get to see lots of different places( ie, the caribbean or mexico). What do you think?

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    I would suggest Florida. Florida has an awesome reef system and the water there is fairly warm all year round. I have a good friend I grew up with who is a boat captain doing exploration who's been begging me to come down and do some diving. He lives in Sarasota

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    Hello Tamara,
    My wife and I do like the cruise life for vacationing and seeing the world. It is conveinient and consistant with the major cruise lines.
    For divers however...Yes you can get dives in and some are quite nice but often they may become cattleboats. My suggestion is to find good dive ops in the ports to work with outside of those arranged by the cruise line. Just use care to plan and be back to the ship on time. Ask other divers for recommendations for towns you plan to travel to. As for diving Mexico we have driven to San Carlos. Last July for a 1 week stay and we had a great time which included 3 days of diving. We had taken dive trips there before so new the route and accomdations available. Safety isn't and issue in the torrist towns and we were advised traveling to and from those areas is no problem during the day. We have also spent a week in Cabo San Lucas after a couple of stops there with cruises. We can also recommend the whole Mexican Riviera for divng.
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    Hi Tamara, you might consider checking with your local dive shop to see if they have any group trips planned. You would have the benefit of going with someone that is familiar with the dive location, and the opportunity to meet some local divers.

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    Hello Tamara, Every year now my wife and I go to Belize for 10 days and it is awesome. Prices are very reasonable and the diving we have found to be some of the best we have done. As far as Mexico I spend on average 8 days a month down south and have dove alot around Rocky Point and it is good but not to warm this time of year. In 3 years we have never had a problem crossing or been pulled over for any reason (while in Mexico). The only problems we have had was returning home with scuba tanks a few times they had us pull the valves out so they could see inside but now we just leave our gear down there and get airfills from Dave over at Sun and Fun (local dive shop)

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    La Paz was amazing. and we do san carlos probly 6 times a year. its nice diving warm water

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