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Thread: Saguaro lake

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    Saguaro lake

    The lake is 10+ on the vis scale. I dove there monday and it was 15. I did one dive this morning and it was great. We swim in the area by the fishing pier. Fish and game has loaded the area with rocks and trees for anglers, alot of fun to swim through and around the stuff. We saw huge catfish and bass, also swam by a school of 50 or so bluegills...Fantastic! We recovered an anchor and a nice pair of sunglasses that I just found out is worth 100$. They should clean up nice. Water temp was 61.
    I can dive sundays or mondays if anyone wants to join me.

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    We set out to dive Saguaro this morning. I dove with my buddy R-dub from his boat. The vis is great at 15-20 feet (great for saguaro), it got darker around 55". Water temp was in the upper 50s. We saw a few realy big bass around some of the fish habatats. We were looking for the helicopter that out there but couldn't find it but we did find a tree the was covered with anchors. There must have been 10 of them. Some were old and rotted. We did use our lift bags to get a pair of them anyway. The time is rite to head out there. The good vis wont last long.

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    Hi Krispy, Thanks for the report I've done 3 dives at Saguaro over the years and have never seen VIS over a few feet but I guess I need to give it a try again.
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    Thanks for the report. I don't think I've ever seen the vis that good at Saguaro but as Rob says maybe its time to check it out again.

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    I was just out there 6-22-13 vis was about 18" had to be right in my inductors face to go threw one of my check put dives would be pretty cool to see a helicopter under water will probably try it out when it's colder put seems higher vis with colder temps less stuff growing in the water

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    No sense in starting another thread. 4/15/14 Took the boat out and was amazed at visibility. It was close to 5 feet from dam to dam. For that lake it is very impressive.
    Didn't dive it, just out joy riding the boat. And it was warm enough I could comfortable stand in it. Upriver it was cooler as usual, but not nearly the steep change it normally is.


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