Lake Pleasant 3/23/14

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My son Michael, and I dove Vista Point for the first time last Sunday. Met a lot of fine folks out there. Don't recall all the names but would like to thank Sharky for making us feel welcome and sharing with us the lay of the land. We usually dive on the west side of the lake, but with all the chatter here, about the east side, we had to give it a try. Had a blast.We arrived at @11:am and did 2 tanks apiece. Air temp was @ 85 and the water at 115 was 53 degrees. WE dove wet. I dove in a 5/4 suit with a 1.5 skin underneath . My son dove in a 5/4 with a 3/2 shorty over top. We stayed comfortable on the first dive but got a little cold on the second. (got my eye on a "Water Proof" 7mm.)

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