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    Thursday dives are back. RSVP on the calendar.
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    Johnny, thanks for sharing your experience. I have also had a great time meeting new divers through the Thursday dive group.
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    Lee, I can kind of relate to your experience. I earned my open water certification in 1996 after working for a guy who owned a dive shop in Colorado as a side business. After my certification I did a few dives and kind of just gave up on it. I was fairly young when I received my certification and could not afford all of the SCUBA gear. When I moved to AZ several years ago I started making a lot of trips to San Diego and took up surfing, ocean fishing and even snorkeling. It was always in the back of mind that I had a diving certification and I can really enjoy the water a lot more if I would just get back into SCUBA diving. Eventually my older brother came to visit me from Colorado and insisted that we go SCUBA diving when we go to San Diego. I ended up purchasing most everything I needed and I ended up taking a SCUBA tune up course to refresh my memory. From that day on I was hooked.

    I ended up finding AZSCUBA while searching the internet for dive groups and dive buddies who frequent Lake Pleasant. My experience with everyone I have been diving with on Thursdays has been wonderful. The Thursday afternoon/evening dives have really been a lot of fun and has given me the opportunity to meat some really great people who love to dive. I couldn't ask for a better group to dive with.
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